KILL house Noobies

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KILL house Noobies

Post  Alpha King on Mon 29 Sep - 20:25

This is the KhN AKA Kill house Noobies Forums you say somthing disrespectful torwards any of the KhN members you disrespect all of us even me.

I will not be Watching over this forums as much as the others but i still have full power.

The two mods who will be watching over this forums is Cr3am St1ck and xG O D Ly Sn1px.

If you want to start a clan match with us please contact those two NOT ME
If you want to join then contact those two NOT ME i am a co leader Cr3am St1ck is the leader and xG O D Ly Sn1px is another co leader
We will have try outs we are also on game battles so the match will be with that and not this forums.

This is a forums for all KhN members to do so with out geting band be greatful because no other forums can I will have the rules for KhN up asap.

WANRING KhN members may say what they wish as long as its respectful to each other if you break the rules out side this forums you will be temp band.

If you have questions or concerns please pm my mods or I or make a new thread as this one is locked.
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