Mods/ And upranking

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Mods/ And upranking

Post  Alpha King on Tue 30 Sep - 1:06

If you want to become a mod the answer will most likely be no.
I will choose my mods by how respectful they are to others and how they react torwards others breaking the rules.
some sections such as the ps3 or halo section have to vote for their mod and then are okayed by me.
If you think a mod is being unfare to you contact me I will talk to him or her.


If you read in some of my sticky posts post horing is against the rules it means no posting just to rank up i will de rank you and your posts.
I can uprank you and your posts to how many i want to but i will only do so by having 5 or more people saying they came here to this site refered to you.
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